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Primary English

Focus on critical techniques for composition (continuous writing & situational writing) and strategies for comprehension. 

(By Learning Playground)

Primary Maths

Problem solving strategies.   For higher ability students, the focus will be on challenging questions. 

Primary Science

 Revise concepts and focus on Booklet B answering techniques for open-ended questions. 

Upper Secondary Maths

Revise lower Sec Maths concepts.  Revise common weak topics:  Algebra, Trigonometry and Mensuration. 

Head-start for Additional Maths for Sec 3 (2023)

Overview to Additional Mathematics topics.   Focus on quadratic functions, inequalities and exponential functions. 

Head-start for Chemistry for Sec 1 (2023)

Overview to Lower Secondary Chemistry.

Introduction to atomic structure, and chemical reactions of acid and alkali.   

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